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Hastings Solidarity brings together local people who are politically active in our communities and workplaces:

  • Building Communities of Solidarity and Mutual Aid;
  • Fighting against privatisation and cuts to public services and benefits;
  • Campaigning for equality and against discrimination;
  • Protecting and preserving our environment for the benefit of future generations;
  • Supporting international working class solidarity.

What we are – and what we’re not…

We have absolutely no interest in politicians. We believe that by working together we can do things better without them. We come from many different backgrounds and we are defined by what we do, not by political labels (our political differences don’t matter at the moment as long as we agree that this is how we work together).

We want to Keep it Local, Keep it Practical. We are:

•    Horizontally organised, we don’t have leaders
•    We make decisions by consensus with votes if we need them

We’re not leading local struggles – we are led by local struggles. We are supporting and helping each other, working with communities we are part of not apart from.

We want to hear your voices, your ideas, opinions, feedback, what you’re angry about, what you want to do about it. And we want to do it together.

We’re not really a traditional kind of political group. We don’t do things just for the sake of it or because that’s the sort of thing we’re “supposed” to do. We haven’t got the time, interest or resources for that. We won’t be providing “cannon fodder” for mainstream political parties. We are not social services, not a charity, not an advice line, not a protest group, not lobbyists. We’re not a safety valve for the problems of society – we want to change society.

We are about mutual aid, building networks and solidarity. We think the way to make real change is through collective action. We want to challenge the existing state of things, to be antagonistic, make demands. We work together to support each other and amplify our struggles. We make real change.

We want to be able to offer a place to go if you’re stuck, if you’re alone, if you’re angry, if your union is ineffectual – come talk to us and let’s see what we can do… together.