Calling all union members…

Do you think:

  • Being in a union is something you do rather than something you are?
  • Unions should be about more than credit card deals and discount vouchers?
  • It’s time to stand up and be counted?

Do you want:

  • To get organised and get things done?
  • To provide support and solidarity to people in Hastings?
  • To work with members in other unions, other workplaces and those without a workplace?

If the answer is YES then please come to an open meeting…
at HVA, Portland Place, Hastings TN34 1QN on Tuesday 22 March at 7pm

Hastings Unite Community and Hastings Solidarity have been working with local people to organise a grassroots local union over the past six months. During this process we have found that a number of people who are keen to get involved in union activity are isolated in inactive local branches. There are many different union branches in many different sectors across Hastings – with perhaps one or two active members in each. This could potentially add up to a lot of people who want to get involved but who need inspiration, encouragement or perhaps just a fresh start.

We would like to see what could happen if we reached out to all those isolated activists and brought everyone together to discuss how we can co-ordinate and support each other – and to support workers in sectors with very low union membership to organise and build.

This is a practical project, not a talking shop. We’re suggesting that we talk about how you can be an active part of your own union but at the same time working with other union members for solidarity across workplaces, sectors and unions. It’s about building a network of union activists who want to make real change in Hastings.

For more information contact us