Desperate Amber Rudd pays Nazi students from Oxford to campaign for her in Hastings

Having barely scraped through the last election by only 346 votes and with polls showing that she will lose the seat next time round, millionaire Amber Rudd is in a panic. She has spent a huge amount of money on hiring all kinds of PR staff and even brought in polling strategist Lynton Crosby, but still the popularity of the rarely-seen Rudd keeps on falling lower and lower in Hastings.

Her latest bright idea was to hold a “campaign action day” in Hastings on Saturday 21 October. The Tory chief whip Gavin Williamson was enlisted to summon up as many fellow MPs as he could but still there was the major problem that there just aren’t enough local Tories to even fill out the background in her photo opportunities – so they just went and bought some supporters from out of town instead.

The Tory Party are paying students from Oxford University to come 130 miles to Hastings  so they can campaign for Amber Rudd. The Tory Reform Group is also paying for a coach to try and bring a few London Tories down to Hastings. Unfortunately, even the offer of a free day trip to the seaside is not pulling in very many volunteers and the coach is virtually empty.

Amongst the small number of Oxford University students who have signed up for the free trip is George Wright (shown below giving a Nazi salute). How Amber Rudd thinks that paying a bunch of Fascist sympathisers and privileged public schoolboys is  going to improve her popularity in one of the most deprived seaside towns in the country is anyone’s guess. What we do know is that they are not going to get a very friendly welcome!